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Support full-refund within 15 days




Support replacement service within 150 days

RSG800CNC Mechatronics Products

RSG800CNC is a CNC horizontal axis round table surface grinder, which is a typical mechatronics product. It uses the grinding wheel to grind the plane circumferentially, and the contact surface between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is small during operation, which improves the grinding accuracy of the workpiece. The vertical feed and horizontal feed of the grinding head are driven by a servo motor, and the positioning accuracy is high. RSG800CNC has complete programming and automatic processing compensation functions, which can automatically complete surface grinding.

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RSG800CNC Mechatronics Products
Intelligent CNC vertical lifting table milling machine

Intelligent CNC vertical lifting table milling machine

This series of CNC vertical lifting table milling machine is easy to operate and reliable in performance. It is widely used in various machining departments to process various planes, grooves, gears, etc. Equipped with universal milling head, round table, indexing head and other milling machine accessories, it can further expand the application range of the machine tool.

Structure and performance characteristics
The machine tool itself has sufficient rigidity to carry heavy load cutting work;
The machine tool has sufficient power and a wide speed range, can give full play to the effectiveness of the tool, and can use cemented carbide tools for high-speed cutting;
The spindle speed change has an impulse device for easy speed change;
The important transmission parts of the machine tool are made of alloy steel, the parts that are easy to wear are made of wear-resistant materials, and the relative moving parts between the machine tool guides are treated with plastics, which ensure that the machine tool has a long service life.

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The sintering NdFeB microwave vacuum sintering furnace

Sintering furnace The sintering NdFeB microwave vacuum sintering furnace is a standard microwave experimental workstation, which has fast heating speed, high efficiency and good consistency of processed materials. It can provide various working environments such as air, vacuum, protective gas and weak reducing gas for the sintering process. It can be used for the sintering and synthesis of magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, metal compounds, nitrides and other materials. In addition to the unique advantages of high-temperature microwave oven and its sintering process technology, the furnace has the advantages of "high, low, fast, and economical", but also has the remarkable advantages of wide application, simple operation, process repeatability and good stability. It is especially suitable for the development, testing, and small-scale production of new materials.

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The sintering NdFeB microwave vacuum sintering furnace
Our Prodcuts

We are one of the leading suppliers of magnetic products in China. We provide high-quality parts at a competitive price.

Amazon Hot Sale Double Sided D48 Strong Salvage Fishing Magnet 150KG/330lb

Name: Single-sided/Double-sided Fishing Magnet Size: D48 D60 D75 D94 D120 or customized Pull Force: 19kg to 1200kg or customized Lead Time: Depends 3-30 working days Accessories Available: Rope, Carabiner, Gloves, Threadlocker, Case, etc.

D20 Magnetic Hooks, Facilitate Hook for Home, Kitchen, Workplace, Office and Garage

NDUSTRIAL GRADE: 11 lbs tension is based on the direction of tension perpendicular to the contact surface -- reduced by 2/3 if used Horizontally. EASY ASSEMBLE: Magnetic hooks are easy to remove and easy accessibility. It is Ferrite Magnetic hook, Grade

Magnum Magnetics Super Strong Flexible Material Rubber magnetic roll

Easily cut these rubber sheets into DIY gaskets, pads, seals, crafts, and much more! Rubber is used in almost everything these days – prized for its long life, cushioning, water-proof qualities and flexibility.

Super Strong Educational U Shape Horseshoe Alnico Education Magnet

Used for education, Ultrasonic welding. This is the perfect kit for homeschooling, science fair, elementary science, and in classroom demonstrations.

Magnetic Welding Holder 25/50/75 LBS Holding Power Welding Accessories

Convenient for you to free your hands when welding, assembling, marking or installing pipes.

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